Whether you have a small fundraiser or a massive product launch, we can provide video support and creation. We follow a process that creates successful projects through our Plan, Execute and Deliver system. It is easy to follow and will help you and your team have a fantastic experience before, during and after your event.


We all have stories to tell. This is a fact the world over. Whether its fiction or reality, storytelling brings us together as a species. At Argos, we’re passionate about helping tell those tales to the world. We use our tried and true Plan, Execute and Deliver method to bring these stories to life.


It all starts with the right planning. Getting out ahead of your project will prevent mistakes and create a smooth production process. We start every project, narrative or event, with a consultation. Whether you’re a new or returning client, we need to know what’s in your head so we can turn your vision into a reality. This starts with an easy outline. It comes in handy to put all the pieces in order so we can create an amazing experience for you. From that outline we can develop a plan.


Once we know what you’re thinking and we have a plan in place, its time to get the videos made. We’ll be onsite with our expert producers and creators to make you feel comfortable with every shot. Whether it takes one person or a team, we’ll make sure your event looks like a hit and that your story gets told. We bring all the lights and cameras to where they need to be. Whether the location is your backyard or Brazil. We’ll make sure the shoot happen. Once the shoot is done, we’ll get the edit cut, the score written and the video looking pristine.


The event is done. Your blockbuster is made. Now what? This is possibly the most important part. All of that money and effort needs to be seen by the world to help you tell more stories and have create more incredible experiences! Let our experts in marketing and outreach help you get your videos in the right places at the right times.